The Ultimate Bad Company Experience


K.C. Miller

As the front man for the "K.C. Miller Band" aka "K.C.M.B.",  K.C.'s love for connecting with others through music is infectious and is guaranteed to move you. His skill as a singer puts him in a very elite group of singers capable of delivering the range and style of Paul Rodgers' signature muscular vocals comfortably.  A talented musician and veteran rocker, K.C. says "I love doing this music, it feels like home".  Asked about the other musicians in the band he says "Band? This is family; and these guys are all personal (musical) heros of mine".  


Sal Birtola


Sal started playing bass in the orchestra when he was 10 years old, played jazz in High School, and a bandmate of K.C. in the first band either of them played in. He has played almost every imaginable style of music since then. Through his 40+ year professional musical career, Sal has toured the US and Canada with too many "A"-list acts to name. Pat Travers, Joe Lynn Turner, to name a couple, often times in the company of both Michael Rose and Lee Cressio. 

A nuanced performer,  Sal captures the unique and demanding style of Boz Burrell on both Freted and Fretless bass.


Lee "Sticks" Cressio


Lee comes to the band with a wealth of professional experience. Lee has been playing drums since he was 12 years old and has been fortunate to be in bands that have opened for a number of touring national acts including The Doobie Brothers, Montrose, Jefferson Starship, Huey Lewis and the News, and Blue Oyster Cult. Lee also was a member of the Pat Travers Band, a very successful '70's rocker, playing drums for him on his west coast tours.  Lee & Sal have been playing together for years & lay down a rhythm groove second to none.


Michael Rose


Michael Rose was born in San Francisco, CA and made the Bay Area his home base for his entire life. Michael has toured extensively with many different national acts throughout the United States and Canada over his 35+ year professional musical career. He now enjoys playing guitar and singing in the K.C. Miller Band as well as song writing and music production. Michael feels fortunate to be able to perform with the 3 other members of K.C. Miller Band whom he calls his true friends!